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The FREE online Practical Martial Arts magazine

Let me tell you about Jissen! As many of you will know, “Jissen” is Japanese for “actual combat” or “real fighting”. It's also the name of a FREE quarterly online magazine dedicated to serving all martial artists that approach the traditional martial arts from their original combative perspective. If that sounds like you, then you should enjoy what this publication has to offer!

We'll be bringing you the very best in practical martial arts, no nonsense training methods, self-protection, kata application, physical conditioning, news and more! Jissen will be published quarterly and is completely free of charge! It exists entirely to facilitate the spread of information between pragmatic martial artists.

As well as providing you with quality information from established leaders in this field of study, we also hope to provide a platform for the less well known martial artist who nevertheless has plenty to share. Everyone is encouraged to contribute. It does not matter what grade you hold or how well known you are. To contribute to future editions, all you need to do is to send us well written articles containing well thought through ideas and information.

Jissen is also free to distribute! If you want to use Jissen as an attraction for your own website, you have our permission to make it available for download. Want to print it off and distribute the magazine to your students? That's totally OK too! So long as you're not charging people for it, we are totally happy for you to make use of this magazine in whatever way works for you! (see details on "about us page").

Jissen will continue to be the central publication for a strong community of pragmatic traditionalists and will remain instrumental in a return to the core values and practises of the traditional arts.

• Practical Martial Arts

• No Nonsense Training

• Self-Protection

• Kata Application / Bunkai

• Physical Conditioning

• In-Depth Information

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Latest Issue: Issue 7 Summer 2010

Contents: The Gurkhas: Masters of the Kukri – Cross Training and its Relevance for Sport – Functional Training With Kettlebells For Karate’s Hojo Undo – Structure and Function of a Knife: Knife as Weapon Series– Gavin Mullholland Interview – Speed in Training – Kyusho – Ben Hockman Interview on Training in Urban Krav Maga – It’s Hard to Fight When You Can’t See – How Many Martial Artists Does it Take to Screw in a Light bulb? – Martial Arts Scepticism: How Factual is Martial Arts TV – Fighting Dirty: Karate/TKD’s/TSD’s Most Commonly used Technique – Dead or Alive – The Martial Arts Unanswered Question – The Roundhouse Kick: Karate’s best Kick or a Threat to your Survival? – Karate’s History

Contributors: Michael Rosenbaum – Andrew Adams – Chris Denwood – Rev. Art Chenevey – Michael Rosenbaum – John Titchen – Nikolai Faerne Skarby – Lawrence Kane – Eric Parsons – Jamie Clubb – Charlie Wildish – Kris Mansfield – Ron Briens – Martin O’Malley – Iain Abernethy

How to download: Right click on the cover image and then select "save target as" (some times "save page as"). Then choose where you wish to save the file (normally the "desk top") and download it.