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About Jissen Magazine

Jissen is a free online martial arts magazine that aims to be of benefit to everyone involved with it. In early 2008, Jissen was launched as a feature of Iain Abernethy’s personal website. However, the popularity of Jissen magazine quickly made it apparent that it needed its own website. On this page of, you can find details of how to write for Jissen, how to advertise in Jissen, and how to make Jissen a feature on your own website! You can also find details of the basis on which Jissen is offered to you and how it may and may not be utilised and distributed.

Produced and Published by: NETH Publishing, PO Box 38, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0GS, United Kingdom.

Editor: Iain Abernethy. Email: UK Phone: 01900829406. Overseas Phone: +441900829406


Details & important information.

Want to write for Jissen?: If you’d like to contribute to Jissen, please send us an email with an outline of what you want to write about (not the article!) and if we think it is something our readers will be interested in we’ll ask to see the full article.

There are loads of people out there with great ideas and useful information to share and one of the aims of this magazine is to give a platform to all martial artists. It really does not matter what grade you hold, what arts you practise, how well known you are at the moment, or how many articles you’ve had published previously. If you’ve got something of quality to share, we’d like to help you do just that. You will always retain the copyright of your work and we do not require any form of exclusivity.

As a way of thanking you for sharing your knowledge, all contributors will also qualify for a completely free half-page advert which you can use to promote your group, website, or even any products you have produced. The magazine is wholly dependent upon its writers and hence we work hard to ensure all writers benefit from their contributions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Note: The publishers reserve the right to reject any material tendered at their discretion. The publishers accept no responsibility for the return of unsolicited material. The submission of manuscripts or materials shall be considered a warranty that such matter is original and in no way infringes on the copyright of others.


Want to advertise in Jissen?: The fact that Jissen magazine is free to read and free to distribute means that the adverts we feature are seen by a high number of martial artists from all over the globe. Our subscription system – which has thousands of active members, with new people joining all the time – notifies all subscribers of all new issues and hence Jissen in very proactive in its distribution. We also allow others to freely distribute Jissen from their own websites, and this yet again increases the reach of the magazine and the number of readers.

Jissen magazine was created to be a service to the martial arts community. It was not created to generate revenue. Money gained from advertising is used to recoup costs and reimburse those involved in the production of the magazine. We therefore do not need or even want a high level of advertising content. This is good for readers as the magazine remains “a magazine” and does not become “a catalogue”. It’s also very good for the advertisers within Jissen because their adverts are not competing with an overwhelming number of their competitors’ adverts! This further contributes to the effectiveness of advertising with Jissen.

Jissen is very selective about the quality of the articles we include and hence we have developed a strong reputation for being an exciting martial arts resource. Back issues are also available free of charge, and hence our advertisements have a much longer “shelf life” than those placed in traditional printed magazines. Because back issues are being downloaded on an ongoing basis, new people will be seeing your advert on an ongoing basis. A further advantage is that because Jissen magazine is electronic and distributed via the worldwide-web, we have no printing or distribution fees to recoup and hence advertising with us is very inexpensive!

So if you would like to reach an international audience, at a highly competitive price, in an effective and proactive manner, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll promptly get back to you to discuss your needs and your advertising options.

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Important Information: Issues of Jissen Magazine may be freely distributed by all provided such distribution is not done commercially. Charging a fee for issues of Jissen Magazine (in whole or in part) is strictly prohibited. This includes distribution by any body, group or individual where a membership, subscription fee or any other charge is required to access or view any issues of Jissen Magazine and / or their contents. Such distribution by commercial entities is prohibited. Commercial entities may distribute issues of Jissen Magazine so long as access is open to all and no charge (direct or indirect) is made. If in doubt, please contact us for guidance.

Aside from non-commercial printouts of issues of Jissen Magazine, written permission must be gained from NETH Publishing before converting issues of Jissen Magazine from its original PDF format into any other media. These PDFs and / or any resulting printout must be passed on as is and nothing may be added to it or removed from it without prior written permission from NETH Publishing.

Worldwide copyright of all material is held by the originator of that material unless stated otherwise. The reproduction of any material extracted from within any issue of Jissen Magazine is strictly prohibited, unless prior agreement in writing is gained from the copyright holder of that material. Those wishing to make use of any material as presented on the pages of an issue of Jissen Magazine must also gain written permission from NETH Publishing.

The views, reports and comments expressed in all issues of Jissen Magazine are not necessarily those of the editor and publisher. Whilst every care is taken to check their authenticity, NETH Publishing disclaim any and all liability for any inaccuracies.

The originator, publishers, editor and all contributors are not responsible in any way for any injury, or any other loss, which may occur by reading and /or following the instructions herein. It is essential that prior to undertaking any of the activities described within that the reader take the advice of a doctor and a suitably qualified and experienced martial arts instructor.

NETH Publishing make no representations, endorsements, guarantees or warranties concerning the products and services advertised within this magazine. We are only the advertisers for said products and services and expressly disclaim any and all liability relating to or arising from said products and services.